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Here are some in-game screenshots from the simulators. Click on the thumbnails for bigger views.; click on them. Older screenshots are available here.

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None of the shots have been enhanced, they were taken in-game.

Ferrari 458 in v0.8.22 after HDR tonemapping from Uncharted 2. ferrari 458 racer Ferrari 458 in v0.8.19 while doing TOD tests. ferrari 458 racer
sl65 amg SL65 AMG in Racer v0.8.27 ferrari 458 racer Ferrari 458 in v0.8.19 while testing in-car shadowmapping.
Dusk images made by Colin Pan racer dusk Dusk dusk2 racer
swiss stroll cg Swiss Stroll in CG, soon on racerdownloads.com sl65 racer Mercedes SL65, available on racerdownloads.com
Roy's Cafe in v0.8.9. roys cafe Screenshot from Unipipe in v0.8.9. unipipe
brake heat Break heat tests - notice the heat not being applied to the entire disc (uses standard_heat_f.cg from v0.8.9). shadowmapping Shadowmapping tests in v0.8.9. Quite heavy but looks good.
The Corvette in a sun direction test. Live track environment turned on. Generic models testing using the Baja (since v0.8.5). baja
Atmosphere tests in v0.7.2 with the Corvette C6 on Carlswood. Fog (Mie scattering) test on Carlswood again.
Experiments with fullscreen shaders (14-7-08). 2-pass Gaussian blur with mixing of the original and exponential HDR reduction. Check out the Exposure and the HDR rendering pages (although this is not HDR rendering!) for the inspiration behind these shots.
Shot on Swiss Stroll. Actual in-game screenshots, not too much slower than without shaders. nVidia 7950 graphics card on a DualCore 2.4Ghz Intel machine.
  Lamborghini on Mt Panorama, testing motion blur techniques (this one ran at 120fps @1280x1024 on an nVidia 7950/Dualcore 2.4Ghz).
Stecki's Nissan 350z on a modified Carlswood (new textures by Mitch)
A modern version of the 350z.
Stecki's Celica on Strat's Carlswood.
One of the Alpines (by Stecki) on Zandvoort (by Pieter Hofstra, originally done for SCGT/F1-2000).
Gentlemen, start your engines.
Strat's Evo6.
Mitch's Subaru on Silverstone (v0.4.6.1) Inside the Evo6.
Sliding smoke was introduced in v0.4.9.
A Ferrari T-500 on a smooth Carlswood track.
The GT500 on Loops of Fury. Smoking!
Taken at the Fury.
The Norwegian track.
Near the roundabout. The Honda S2000.
Alpha sliding.
Inside the car on the Troitter track. The dials work in 3D.
racer lamborghini countach A Lamborghini Countach. racer mini More of Stecki's Mini.
Honda S2000 on The Norwegian Country track.    
racer mercedes Stecki's CLK at Loops of Fury. shelby racer Shmelby, at Monca.

More screenshots (v0.6.4 with Cg shaders):

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(last updated December 30, 2014 )