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Here's the list of available script commands. They can be entered through the console (or by remote control through UDP actually). The future will probably see a lot of additions, since this allows live modifying of parameters.

The console will pop up automatically when pressing Shift-~.

Command Description
edgetest on|off Edge blending test pattern on/off
graph [step] <min> <max> <variable>

Live telemetry of certain exported variables. Proprietary variables:

  • epe_in_dt; delta time per incoming update.
  • epe_mz; the aligning moment inside external physics, including any road noise.

EPhyse specific commands

Command Description
ephyse aux0 <n> Set aux signal 0 to <n>. Used to communicate signals to Simulink
ephyse motionnoisegain <n> Set motion noise gain relative to steer noise
ephyse spare <n> <v> (ePhyse2.0+) Sets a spare input to a constant value. Useful to switch things in your Simulink model.

MoogFCS specific commands

Command Description
fcswheel on|off Turn on/off external MoogFCS wheel forces. Only applies to MoogFCS controllers.
motion enable|disable Turns on/off motion. Only supported on E2M motion platforms.
motion on|off

Turns motion forces on/off. Note that communication still takes place, it's just the forces that are kept at zero to maintain a stable platform. Currently only applies to MoogFCS controllers.

motion cueingmode 0/1 Set cueing mode; sets both linear and rotational acceleration modes. 0=specific force, 1=kinematic
motion park Parks motion. Only works for E2M controllers.
motion tuningset <n> Use a different tuning set. The default tuningset is specified by racer.ini's levels.level<x> section where a specific tuning set can be selected based on the car's level (to allow for softer/harder motion for pro/semi-pro etc).
motion pva_yawrate <n> Set yawRate gain for PVA control
motion pva_lateral <n> Set lateral velocity gain for PVA control
motion pva off|only|all Modify PVA usage; no PVA, only PVA (no g-forces) or all forces (combined)
show motion | hide motion Turn on/off motion test screen to check interlocks, inputs and contextual safety due to interlocks and other state.
show motion_state Outputs the motion state on the console (#motion_state <n>)

Motio cueing specific commands

Command Description
mcue load <filename> Loads motion cueing parameters from data/motion_cueing/<filename>.mcue (v7.9.1+)
mcue save <filename> Saves motion cueing parameters in data/motion_cueing/<filename>.mcue


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(last updated September 18, 2014 )