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Replays are supported for a large part. Racer v0.8.40+ also adds some better exporting options, although things are quite beta. It uses DirectShow filters to export AVI files using a more custom encoder codec.

Setting up replays to be recorded

This is defined in racer.ini, under the replay tree. For example, replay.enable must be 1 for replays to be even stored in memory.

Playing back replays

You can go into replay mode using F2. There, you can save the replay (the red button), which will store the replay in data/replays.

Exporting replays to video / AVI files

When replaying a replay (either directly in-game or later using the menu's Replay option), you can choose to record it to images or an AVI file. The latter can go through DirectShow or the older Video for Windows (Video for Windows is quite ancient by now; DirectShow is the option to go for if possible; better codecs for one). A bit of setup is required:

Exporting H.264 encoded video (the format as used by BluRay, MPEG-4 etc)

Now to do this you get into the dark and underground universe that seems to be eternally growing inside the computer video world. Conceptually, the idea is simple; use an encoder that is H.264-capable, set that in replay.video.codec and you're done. Try this:

Things I've learned is that most DirectShow apparently like to work with YUV data instead of RGB. Converting from YUV to RGB is possible with MSYUV, and RGB to YUV with the 'YUV Transform' filter at http://www.gdcl.co.uk/downloads.htm (register the DLL in that zip file with 'regsvr32 yuvxfm.dll'). The original Racer OpenGL export filter was made to output RGB data; perhaps one day it will do YUV as well.

You can use the DirectShow SDK Filter Graph Editor if you're technically savvy to try them out in a realtime environment. Not easy though. The Racer DirectShow filter is under 'DirectShow filters' and named 'OpenGL'. If it doesn't appear, try running 'regsvr32 openglfilter.ax' from your Racer directory.

Alternative H.264 encoding options

Here are some options I tried in my quest to get H.264 output:

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(last updated August 5, 2013 )